The present narrative regarding air travel is a moving one, unlike most of the industry itself, which is largely at a standstill having seen most of i...

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No longer up in the air

odeon luxe

This is not a particularly auspicious time to be writing a blog about film. Mostly because there aren’t any to go to see – well, not if on...

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Hard times and soft sofas

book cover

The title of Eimear McBride’s third novel is slightly misleading. Rather than Strange Hotel (the cover is shown on the home page), the noun shou...

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Strange by name…

face masks

This coronavirus business is getting really serious, not least in the north of Italy. Last Sunday, the big football match between Juventus and Inter i...

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No more mwah-mwah in Milan


Last year’s Saudi International was preceded by Justin Rose defending his decision to play in Saudi Arabia (that’s Mecca on the home page)...

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Deserted in the desert