On Saturday evening Arsenal played West Ham United at the Emirates Stadium in the second round of the 2020/21 season of Premier League matches. They ...

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Football without fans

tik tok

Let’s talk a little about China. Not that I’ve ever been there and this is the first year since 1975 I have not been outside the UK (actua...

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China Crisis


First Mulan was postponed, as mentioned in a blog I posted in March, just as all hell was officially breaking loose around the world, but now it’...

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Back from the future

downtown LA

Michael Connolly is an American crime writer who lives in Los Angeles, where nearly all of his books are set. There are a fair few of them, too: 34 in...

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The three ages of Jack McEvoy


Yesterday, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak (pictured on the home page), made a statement to Parliament. Yes, another one, as the Covid-19...

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Coping with Covid