I have previously written about the Covent Garden restaurant Joe Allen, in a food blog in November 2015. This is about another Joe Allen, as shown in the photo on the home page.

This Joe Allen is a tailor, with the premises shown here in Islington, London N1. For a recent wedding anniversary, I hit upon the inefficient (as in time-consuming) idea of buying some silk and getting it made into a top for my wife. First I went to see the aforementioned Mr Allen to assess how much material I would need and how long it would take for him to make said gift. Then I went to some place just off the Edgware Road which stocks so much material and fabrics, of all sorts, that I cannot bear to imagine the cost of the fire-insurance policy. Anyhow, amid all the stuff I found something that fitted the bill for what I wanted.


Tailor-made: the top that Joe Allen made, an item of clothing I trust my wife will wear more than twice

I triumphantly returned to the shop and within a little over 24 hours (he had said it might be necessary to give him a fortnight, but clearly it was a slow time) Joe Allen had duly come up with the goods. You can see the outcome in the photo above.

Last weekend I read an article in The Guardian about ‘fast fashion’, which said: “One in three young women (the biggest segment of consumers) consider garments worn once or twice to be ‘old’.” I think the total cost of purchasing this present – the price of the material and the time for the tailor – would preclude it from being considered ‘fast fashion’, but I shall be mightily miffed if it doesn’t end up being worn more than twice!

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