I don’t think there is anything particularly fashionable about February but for sure this item is seasonal, especially if we’ve had a sprinkling of snow (as shown on the home page) or something considerable more deep and crisp and even – or even uneven.

Yes, a Woolrich jacket is tailor-made for winter, even granted that in London (where I live) one is incredibly unlikely to encounter temperatures as low as minus 30 degree centigrade, which the jacket is designed to counter. But then the parent company was founded over 50 years ago in the town of Woolrich, Pennsylvania, where it can get exceedingly cold at this time of year.

“This garment is designed to provide warmth and protection in severe cold weather conditions” – that’s what it says ‘on the tin’!

Made of 60% cotton and 40% nylon, the jacket is sufficiently roomy to allow it to fit over the two or three layers of clothing one is likely to be wearing before donning this. I find the (fake) fur-lined hood to be especially effective, albeit it does have one drawback – when it’s up, one’s peripheral vision is somewhat hampered! Despite that, when there’s a bitter cold outside, it is a lovely item of clothing to be putting on.

Happy Valentine’s Day!