OK, I know what you’re thinking: chocolates are nothing to do with fashion. I would argue that in this case they are – especially when we are in the middle of the festive season – and suggest that in fact these chocolates bear almost no relation to chocolate either, at least not chocs as we know them.

These are produced by a London-based company called Brik. On the home page you can see what is described as a chocolate terrazzo tile. Its flavours are salted caramel and passion fruit. The co-founder of Brik is a Danish woman called Kia Utzon-Frank. Other glories she is responsible for include a meringue and marzipan confection that resembles a marble dome. Another product is called ‘charred wood’. That doesn’t sound too great until perhaps I tell you that it is made of dark Madagascar chocolate, cardamom and orange.


Bauble on a string: the two flavours in this one are matcha (processed green tea leaves) and raspberry

She described the pleasures of eating one of her creations in this way to the Financial Times: “You crack through the hard shell into this soft meringue that gives you this sweetness balanced with the acidity of the dark chocolate and nuttiness of the marzipan.”

So a high-end Malteser, then? No, I think it’s rather more than that. Whatever, they certainly make for some serious eye candy.

Happy New Year!